Please note: Canada Business Ontario is now FedDev Ontario Small Business Services.
Our information and services remain the same.


Once your business is set up, your focus shifts from starting to managing your activities. Understanding how to properly manage the different aspects of your business can help you reach your goals.

Review our Managing section for an introduction to the topics that could apply to managing your business.

  • Day-to-Day Operations
    Explore topics – such as negotiations and calculating your business profit – that may affect your daily operations.
  • Employees
    Learn about the requirements for hiring employees.
  • Regulations
    Get an overview of regulations that may apply to your business.
  • Taxes
    Read about business tax requirements, charitable status and other related topics.
  • Marketing
    Get tips to help you with different parts of your marketing.
  • Intellectual Property
    Learn about copyrights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property types.
  • Exiting Your Business
    Find out what is involved in closing or selling a business.