We have changed our name to:
Small Business Services.

Our website will remain available and our content will stay the same as we work to update the name throughout the website. You can expect to see both the Canada Business Ontario and Small Business Services names appearing on the site temporarily as we make this transition.

Intellectual Property

If your business is built on your new idea, creation or invention, or if you have created a specific brand or logo, it is important to protect that intellectual property (IP) from being copied or used by others. IP is the legal right to an idea, invention or creation. Some common types of IP include patents, trade-marks and copyright.

Visit the following links for more information on IP and how it might apply to your business.

  • Copyright
    Find out about automatic copyright protection in Canada and how to register for a copyright.
  • Trade-marks
    File for a trade-mark to get exclusive rights to the words, symbols or designs you use for your goods and services.
  • Patents
    Protect the rights to your invention by getting a patent.
  • Industrial Designs
    Find out how to protect an original design applied to a finished product and how to file for an industrial design.
  • Integrated Circuit Typographies
    Find information on what integrated circuit topographies are and how to protect them.